Secret corner in Florence!

In Piazza della Signoria, to the right of the Palazzo Vecchio, almost on the corner of the building, you can see, hidden and “camouflaged” on the outside of the stones that form the walls, a kind of incision: more precisely, a profile of a man’s head. Legend said it that Michelangelo Buonarroti, every time he pass by via della Ninna street, stree passing between Palazzo Vecchio and the Uffizi, was regularly stopped by the same person who bored him every time always telling the same story about his failures financial and credit due to the same Buonarroti and never paid. It was on one of those occasions that Michelangelo, plagued by boredom and with the tools of the trade in hand, while the nuisance he spoke, he turned his back sculpted profile, forever immortalizing it in stones of the Palazzo Vecchio.Some versions say that Michelangelo sculpted even holding hands behind his back and – came near the walls of the palace, pretending to listen – engraved on it the profile of the face; But it is not certain whether it was his or of Michelangelo. 



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